Dr. Alphys is the Royal Scientist of the Underground and the abusive owner of Mettaton. She watches Frisk's journey through the Underground and often attempts to try and kill them instead of guiding them. Alphys also sometimes gnaws on her arm out of stress.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

She is typically depicted as wearing spiral shaped glasses, a red and black striped sweater, and a black skirt (as shown), or sometimes pants. Sometimes, she is shown wearing a dress version of her sweater. Like her counterpart, she is shown wearing a lab coat, sometimes drawn frayed at the ends. Her date outfit is the same, although it has red stripes instead of dots.

Personality Edit

She enjoys experimenting, sometimes on living monsters and humans. Like her Undertale counterpart, she is sometimes depicted to stutter. In some depictions, she is shown to have an addiction to painkillers, which was probably caused by Asgore forcing her to do unspeakable crimes against humans and other monsters. Despite this, she is capable of defending herself if needed, even though she depends mostly on her inventions, like Mettaton.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Alphys is very intelligent, and is most focused on killing the human to give their soul to Asgore. She also has an army of Mettaton prototypes that can blast lasers and explosives.

In some occasions, she can use bombs and lightning attacks to defend herself.

Fight Edit

While the human never comes into battle with Alphys, Alphys tries numerous times to kill them with deathtraps, puzzles and heavily guarded locations of dangerous monsters, regardless if the protagonist is on the genocide route or not. She desires to see Frisk suffer in the pop quiz with Mettaton and with the bomb deactivating.

Relationships Edit

Mettaton Edit

Alphys is abusive towards Mettaton, often punishing him when he disobeys her. She can also force him into attack mode if necessary. It is rumored that the soul Alphys used to power Mettaton was forced into the robotic suit.

Undyne Edit

She is the current girlfriend of Undyne, though she doesn't spend that much time with her since she is more focused on her work.

Frisk Edit

She continually tries to kill Frisk as they journey through the Underground.

Flowey Edit

Another creation. period.

Gallery Edit

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