Burgerpants is a peach-colored, anthropomorphic feline that works at a drive-thru window in the MTT Resort. He seems to constantly smile and carries a cigarette in his toothy mouth. He is very talkative on account of boasting about purposely giving customers food poisoning until the player presses him about himself, at which point he becomes distinctly quiet, and whispers "I love my job."

Burgerpants does not attack the player, although he is considered helpful because he sells health-regenerative foods to the player if they have enough gold. He does not seem to fear Mettaton at all, remarking "You gotta be joking, little brat." when Frisk chooses to ask if he's concerned about getting fired.



Mettaton is Burgerpants' boss.


Burgerpants sells Frisk items, but is not friendly towards them.