Dogaressa is Dogamy's wife, and a member of royal guard.


Underfell Dogaressa has roughly the same body as her Undertale counterpart, but she appears with scars (most likely from fighting with her husband) Her axe is bigger, sharper, and she can never seem to take her maddened, bloodshot eye off of the player. Her robe is tattered, and spattered with old blood. Her fur is lot more matted with a slight bit of mange, but still white. Her mouth is stretched into a wide, intimidating grin, and her claws grip the axe handle so tightly the wood splinters around them.


UF Dogaressa is lot more cold and harsh than in Undertale. She's very argumentative, and most of the time she quarrels with her husband, Dogamy. She doesn't like spending much time with her husband. It's generally accepted that the reason is not because she hated him, she just wished he cared more about her.


She will attack independently, and her moves do a lot more damage. Her own attack is a swinging orange/blue axe, and claws slash rhythmically at the player.


Dogamy- Their marriage is very tense, but sometimes, they can show each other lots of love.

Doggo- Sometimes, Dogaressa flirts with him, but it's only to make Dogamy jealous and angry.