Froggit is a monster frog who hates living in the ruins. He is one of the first monsters you encounter.

Appearance Edit

Underfell Froggit has bloody fangs, a snake tongue, and has a scar on his eye.

Personality Edit

Underfell Froggit only attacks the human with his fly army or his jumpscare if Toriel tells him to.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Underfell Froggit is more powerful than his Undertale counterpart. He can use up to 50 flies in one turn. He also can jumpscare you only leaving you with 1 hp left.

Fight Edit

Ruins - Froggit is a random encounter in the ruins. He will spare you if you compliment him.

Relationships Edit

Toriel - Toriel is the monster that shoots fire at Froggit if he doesn't do what he is told.

Frisk - Frisk is the only one nice to Froggit in the True Pacifist timeline.

Flowey - Flowey tries to teach Frisk to kill monsters by showing them a dangerous Froggit

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