So Sorry is a secret boss in underfell.

He is first shown at MTT Resort in the art club room.   



The Underfell version of So Sorry looks the same as the Undertale So Sorry, but wears a black vest.


Unlike the original So Sorry, the Underfell Sorry appears to be selfish, rude, lazy, and stupid as said by Flowey. He appears in the art club room in MTT Resort. He appears to be aggressive too. He hates mercy, He likes to be alone and Hates Humans.

He runs into frisk on purpose and tries to kill them


In Undertale, the computer clock needs to be set to October 10th to Fight So Sorry, However, In Underfell he can possibly be fought anytime.

Another difference that he can be fought in the genocide route.

The fight begins with So Sorry ruin ninth trip nto frisk and tries to kill them. His first attack is using his tail. So sorry also uses paper balls and uses Doodlebog to kill Frisk. But instead heals them. Which makes him very annoyed. The fight ends with so sorry running away from frisk


Since so sorry doesn't appear in underfell is due to some controversies based around the character, due focus the creator of So Sorry having weight gain fetishes.


Genocide Route

So sorry Is Killed By Frisk, which causes him to melt to his death

True Pacifist Route

Frisk shows mercy to so Sorry

Since so sorry hates mercy, He runs away from frisk, ending the fight.

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