"You did the right thing, Frisk". - Chara, at the end of the True Pacifist Run.

The True Pacifist route is where Frisk reforms all the monsters and gets their happy ending.

How it all goes down Edit

The True Pacifist route is when Frisk disobeys Flowey's orders to stop the monsters, and become friends instead. It starts off when Frisk shows Mercy to the monsters of the Ravaged Mines. After making it through the Ravaged Mines without doing a violence, you make it to Toriels house. She then finds you trying to escape and attempts to kill you. She then fails and spares you. You leave the Ravaged Mines and make it to Tundra Forest. You then meet Sans, who tells you about LV and other stats, while Papyrus sneaks up on you and sees you. He then tells Sans to kill you. After you spare Sans, Papyrus runs away and sets up traps to kill the human himself. The dogs fight you as you progress through Tundra Forest. When you reach Papyrus, he talks about being captain of the royal guard and wanting you dead. You then spare him and teach him kindness. When you reach Wasteland, Undyne sets up puzzles and tries to kill you. You will encounter more monsters and spare them as you try escape the Wasteland. When you encounter Undyne, she complains about being kicked out of the royal guard and seeking revenge. You cannot spare her so you have to run away from her and throw water at her when she falls on the bridge. You then encounter Alphys, who orders Mettaton to kill you because you are too kind. After you make it to the Mettaton fight, he tries to kill you like he was told to. You then pass through the judgement hall and find Sans.

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