• I live in UnderGround
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is making au stuff and post blog!
  • I am male
  • Galaxy22
    • Then a home as night yesterday with  Toriel then sleeping , but could in changed the AU more to InkTale and ErrorTale actually then person come out in teleported * wosshhh * that as a skeleton come from to InkTale is popular guy in this years . ???: Hello frisk? are you here i give a world that as no see , because then different like that ) Frisk as wake up at 3:00 am as ink! sans  now  then have changed code then ink sans as escape frisk going be his shirt as changed red and black after the accident then   is RESET the world in Edgy *Star menu theme * That name's as decide Frisk of the menu begin the started chara as don't care * sigh* Chara : Did just only used this name ? That have a hard mod thing if used my name that easy Frisk but it…
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